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Industry Overview

The M&E Industry has been experiencing a significant transformation while at the same time maintaining strong elements of its studio culture.  M&E sectors include film, television, music, sports, print media, gaming, theme parks, content distribution, and consumer products associated with M&E brands.  Current trends and development in the M&E industry include digital distribution, developing new monetization models as consumers prefer online to DVD viewing, improving predictive models, and data analytics.

Industry Culture

  • The culture is very heavily “network-driven.” To make it in the industry is a lot about who you know. It’s important to get your feet wet in the industry – to get into the ecosystem and be a part of it—through part-time work during the school year or internships, or just making the move to LA after school
  • A large aspect of this industry is around loyalty and legacy. Often seniority is based on tenure, having “paid your dues” and learned the ropes from within the industry. The agency style of grooming from the mailroom is a prime example of this focus on loyalty and paying your dues
  • Culture will differ from company to company and team to team. Lots of luck involved, lots of hierarchy. Success is often tied to the team you’re on and how good your manager is


  • Digital Content Distribution
  • Studios for Film & TV
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Talent Agencies
  • Networks & Cable
  • Traditional Print

Key Functions

  • Analytics
  • Business Development
  • Corporate Development
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Digital Distribution
  • Product Management


In the U.S., most of the MES work is done out of NYC or Los Angeles

Industry Resources

Industry Trends

Keeping up on industry trends that affect the MES industry is essential for recruiting success. MES companies will expect candidates to demonstrate an understanding of what is happening in the competitive marketplace and have an opinion they can articulate during informational conversations and/or interviews. There are a number of trends at play right now in the MES industry. As this industry continues to compete for consumers’ time, Deloitte’s 2019 Media & Entertainment Industry Outlook highlights the following trends:

  • Growth of streaming and mobile video, leading to “consumer subscription fatigue”
  • Shift away from traditional pay TV
  • Investment in augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR)
  • Social media companies entering the content broadcasting space with short-form videos or live sports

Industry Research & News

One of the most important elements of being part of the MS&E industry is staying on top of industry trends and having an opinion about them. Here are a few of the top recommended resources to follow:

  • The Hollywood Reporter: This is the primary MS&E trade magazine
  • Tech Crunch: The go-to blog about technology; including content on digital impact on media
  • Variety – This trade magazine is well respected in MS&E
  • Deadline: An online entertainment magazine
  • Box Office Mojo– Top 60 U.S. feature films for weekend, international weekend box office by country
  • Billboard – A well-respected trade magazine focused on music
  • Recode: Recode’s Media page has up-to-date info on the intersection of media and tech. Sign up for their daily newsletters to stay on top of all trends and new info
  • Stratechary: Ben Thompson’s blog focuses on tech and covers overlap with media
  • Rich Greenfield’s Twitter handle @RichLightShed – Alumni-recommended equity research analyst
  • John Wall Street: a daily newsletter located at the intersection of sports and finance
  • Axios Daily Newsletters on Media Trends

*Some external industry resources may require an out of pocket subscription.


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